Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Strada’s drilling technology, geothermal power and renewable energy.

What is the difference between Strada’s technology and others that claim to achieve the same things?

Strada’s patented technology drills quicker, deeper and is significantly cheaper than other solutions that are currently out there. Our solution also addresses the issue of geology – for example, geothermal has historically only been viable in shallow access regions such as Iceland and Costa Rica, due to prohibitively high drilling costs.

Because our approach is up to 70% cheaper than traditional solutions, it makes geothermal projects possible everywhere, irrespective of depth or location.

How does Strada’s system compare to other renewable technologies?

Existing drilling solutions are not always effective or affordable in deep and/or hard-rock environments. We unlock this terrain by using a globally patented dual circulation drilling method and water hammer technology.

Isn’t this just fracking by another name?

No. If our system is used for geothermal purposes does not require fracking. We do not remove gas, or in fact anything, from the earth, or, put anything into it – we simply transfer natural heat from the ground using a closed loop system.

Are there any negative side effects of using Strada’s technology to access geothermal energy?

Not really! Naturally during the initial stages of drilling there is some disruption, but we drill extremely quickly and safely, to minimise this. Then, when our sites are complete they are efficient, have a low visual impact, and infrastructure is designed and built to last for over 100 years.

If your technology is so good, why isn’t everywhere?

Since our technology was first invented by our Chairman and Founder, we have faced an uphill battle to be allowed to use it; from false challenges for our IP by those who could see the potential of our approach and wanted it for themselves, to doubts about our performance claims.

Despite this, we have persevered, and as our recent project delivery and testing shows, our claims are now world-record beating facts.

We have also recently consolidated our various interests into one, simply structured TopCo, with innovative, experienced investors and undisputed rights of ownership over our own IP.  In many ways we’re now a fairly unique organisation – essentially a green energy start up with world changing technology, but with the legacy and experience of an established global drilling business.

Our vision over the coming years is to become one of the most significant renewable solutions available for the world’s energy, heat and clean water needs.