Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Strada’s drilling technology, geothermal power and renewable energy.

What is the difference between Strada’s technology and others that claim to achieve the same things?

Strada’s patented technology drills quicker, deeper and is significantly cheaper than other solutions that are currently out there. Our solution also addresses the issue of geology – geothermal has historically only been viable in shallow access regions such as Iceland and Costa Rica, due to prohibitively high drilling costs. Because our approach is up to 70% cheaper than traditional solutions, it makes geothermal projects possible everywhere, irrespective of depth or location.

How does Strada’s system compare to other renewable technologies?

Existing renewable energy solutions, including solar and wind, are not always available due to weather conditions. Solar farms require very large land areas for any significant power generation and wind farms often have noise disturbances, pose a threat to wildlife, as well as an unpopular visual impact. In comparison Strada’s system has a very small physical footprint, is safe to access and provides energy 24/7, regardless of weather conditions.

Isn’t this just fracking by another name?

No. Our system does not require fracking. We do not remove gas, or in fact anything, from the earth, or, put anything into it – we simply transfer natural heat from the ground using a closed loop system.

Are there any negative side effects of using Strada’s technology to provide heat, energy and water?

Not really! Naturally, during the initial stages of drilling, there is some disruption, but we drill extremely quickly and safely to minimise this. Then, when our sites are complete they are efficient, have a low visual impact, and our infrastructure is designed to last for over 100 years.