20 October 2020

Pioneering Technology to Unlock a Clean Energy Future

At Strada, our mission of unlocking the potential of geothermal energy through our technology is something that drives us every day. It’s always a great pleasure to meet other individuals that share our commitment and passion, and we were delighted and honoured to be able to catch up with Geothermal entrepreneurship champion, Dr Bob Metcalfe.


As well as being the inventor of the Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe has a particular passion for startups, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has turned his focus to pioneering energy solutions. In particular, geothermal. Bob is currently Principal Investigator at TexasGEO where he works alongside geothermal advocate Jamie Beard with the aim of solving energy once and for all by encouraging startups to advance technologies delivering CO2-free baseload clean geothermal energy, anywhere in the world.

We were delighted to speak with Bob and be interviewed for his groundbreaking HeatBeat blog which, as he says, ‘will shine the spotlight on the innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and thought leaders who will usher in the future of geothermal energy’. Esteemed company indeed!


The importance of ROP


Follow the link to read the feature, where we discussed Strada’s patented Fluid Hammer Operating System and the vital importance of ROP. As we cover in the interview, right now Strada is focusing on getting ‘beats’ on our new technology and rolling it out in critical infrastructure projects to demonstrate use cases to the industry. Once put through its paces, we are confident that our Fluid Hammer Operating System has no theoretical depth limit, and is currently achieving 10m/hour in 250MPA granite (6min/m).



Here at Strada Global, we don’t wish to compete in soft rock or volcanic rock. We see our ultimate value in hard rock (HDR) or projects which require fast, cost-effective and safe deep drilling. Our method of drilling greatly increases ROP and enables deeper, straight down wells without fracked reservoirs, reducing the complexity – and cost – of projects.



Our purpose at Strada Global

We believe the path to accelerating zero-carbon energy for the planet is paved with innovative technology. Driving fast, deep and cheap geothermal drilling for the world is our purpose here at Strada Global, and it is a privilege to connect with like-minded individuals, partners and organisations who share our motivation and commitment. Together, we can accelerate our decarbonised future.