Our Story

As the population grows, so does our need for energy. Strada accelerates clean energy solutions with patented technology designed to allow low-cost access to deep geothermal resources anywhere in the world.

Our technology unlocks the heat of the earth to solve the biggest problems we have today; producing clean water, electricity and natural heating, all from a renewable energy source.

Strada looks for new developments, or existing fossil fuel sites and converts them to geothermal alternatives. We do this using our highly innovative, unique, dual circulation, water hammer drilling technology.

Using our existing drilling industry knowledge, we have evolved traditional technology and developed what we believe to be one of the fastest, safest and most cost-effective geothermal solutions in the world. This allows operators to tap into a vast energy resource, making geothermal power possible and affordable anywhere in the world.

When you change the rules, you change the future.

‘We’re fourth-generation drillers. My grandfather and great-grandfather drilled water bores in the outback of Western Australia. They were bushmen at heart. My father specialised in reverse circulation drilling which produces rock samples to analyse for mineral deposits.

Improving drilling methods and safety has always been important to us. We have a history of adapting our equipment and rigs to make them more efficient and safer. We’ve spent generations in this industry; innovating and inventing the way we drill and as a result, we’ve developed an extensive drilling-related patent portfolio. We’ve redesigned drilling from the ground down. When we saw the issues the industry faced with geothermal access, we knew we had the drilling knowledge and the IP to turn the problem around and finally solve those challenges.

Our low cost, fast and deep drilling methods, coupled with the efficient system make geothermal projects possible and profitable, irrespective of local geology. Up until now, drilling for geothermal energy has only been possible in certain geographies and parts of the world – with our technology, that map is unlimited.’


Ben Strange
CEO Strada Global Limited