Historically, geothermal energy production has been restricted by geography and cost. Most geothermal plants are limited to shallow access regions such as Iceland and Costa Rica, with prohibitively high initial drilling costs making it an expensive and risky option.

Strada’s technology solves these challenges with a unique and patented geothermal drilling system. Here’s how it works.

Strada’s technology is a patented system that uses dual circulation techniques to improve drilling speed and performance, reducing costs compared to traditional mud rotary methods. We have also co-developed a first of its kind custom drill rig with leading rig manufacturer Herreknecht.

Our drilling is frack-free and thanks to our innovative method, our water hammers are effective for longer, saving time and reducing costs by up to 70%. We also convert existing coal and oil plants into renewable energy plants. For sites located in coastal regions, we are also able to apply our system to desalination and supply millions of litres of clean water.

Clean energy and clean water, made commercially viable.

  • Patented drilling technology
  • Up to 70-80% time and cost savings
  • Binary power + water plants

Transforming the future of energy.

Our new geothermal technology can help accelerate the clean energy transition, empowering governments and providers with the potential to create new and profitable routes to baseload power at scale. We believe it is a paradigm change in renewable, clean energy.

Our technology in action.

Geothermal drilling.

We empower global change with patented geothermal solutions to unlock clean energy, anywhere in the world.

Geothermal plants.

The power plants we develop are designed to allow heat to be produced from deep geothermal sources. Water is pumped into the earth, through a close-looped system, which generates heat. With that heat, we are able to:

  • Provide district heating
  • Convert to electricity
  • Desalinate water

Once the heat is exhausted, the same water is sent back down into the system to be reheated, meaning there is no waste.